RCMP Musical Ride Series

Interview with Joan Larson on Shaw Cable TV

Interview and video by Rae-Anne LaPlante from Shaw Cable TV
Musical Ride UNVEILING (NEW SHOW)Events

Arbutus Meadows Equestrian Centre, Nanoose Bay, BC
Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 2013

Acclaimed equine artist Joan Larson will unveil her latest piece in her ground breaking series of artworks celebrating the RCMP Musical Ride.
Article in the Oceanside Star

This will be the first time that the “Musical Ride Artworks” have been seen in conjunction with the “RCMP Musical Ride.”
To commemorate this event, Joan has created a special piece, #23 in the series and along with RCMP Supt. Marty Chesser they will unveil the newest artwork.

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Musical Ride Prints


When Joan Larson’s husband, Paul, first told her of his idea to create a series of paintings based upon the RCMP Musical Ride, Joan was immediately flooded with images and excitement.

A Canadian icon– the RCMP Musical Ride is a part of our heritage. It embodies both the soul and memory of a country. From the vast sea-to-sea-to-sea settlement of Canada to the bringing of law to the wild and rugged frontier, the RCMP and their horses have become, and are, an integral part of our history.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Larson has set out to do what no artist has done before: complete a comprehensive series of twenty paintings illustrating the life of the men and women of the Ride, the horses, the thrill of the performances, and the reaction of the crowds.

I’ve watched people reach out to touch the horses and applaud as the men and women of the Ride paraded before them. I have seen and felt the special sense of what it is to be Canadian when I watch the Musical Ride. These horses and riders are uniquely Canadian and it was my goal and passion to produce a series of paintings that celebrate their pageantry and Canadian Heritage

~ Joan Larson

Larson first began the series in 2008. On Tuesday, April 26th, 2010, MLA Scott Fraser in BC Legislature, spoke of Joan’s work:

When I visited her gallery, I was quite frankly in awe. I recall seeing the musical ride when I was a child, and this brought it right back to me. The quality of this work is phenomenal.

Joan Larson’s depictions of this Canadian iconic event are simply magnificent. Her and Paul’s vision is to tour the series across the country and they are actively seeking a corporate sponsor.

They hope to continue what began at the farthest point in western Canada:  at the Ucluelet Community Centre in Ucluelet, BC, on October 16th, 2010, a mere two weeks after Joan completed the 20th painting, the RCMP Musical Ride series of pastel paintings was unveiled during the “Two Artists, One Community, One Country” Art Exhibition alongside Ken Kirkby’s original mock up of Isumutaq, with proceeds benefiting the Ucluelet Aquarium.

“I urge everyone to check out her work on this website. The collection is destined to be known as a significant statement of Canadian heritage for generations to enjoy… “

~ MLA Scott Fraser

Keep watching for updated information on upcoming exhibition dates, times and locations.

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